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The Hamsa Collection

hamsaThe Hamsa, also known as the Hand of Fatima, is a symbol of protection
with ubiquitous presence throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
While its exact origin is unknown, relics from ancient Mesopotamia have
been found to contain this image. The open right palm has great symbolic value for all three
monotheistic religions and is often depicted with fingers apart, to
protect against evil, or with fingers together to bring good luck.
Hendrikka Waage in her unrelenting quest to blend pure aesthetic design with a touch of the divine has created a collection inspired by the Hamsa. Her pieces combine wooden beads of deep
red, coffee brown and opaque black with an enchanting golden Hamsa. The collection includes trendy necklaces as well as chic bracelets all offering the blessing and serendipity of Fatima’s protective smile.